KT Kinesio Tape, the Evidence for and uses of the Coloured Elastic Athletic Tape as seen at London 2012

Many athletes at London 2012 were seen sporting a variety of coloured tape on their bodies'.  It is a highly elastic athletic tape known as KT, Kinesio or Kinesology tape and the manufacturers claim that it supports injured muscles and joints and relieves pain by lifting the skin to allow increased blood and lymph ...

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The Rotator Cuff, Shoulder Injuries in Paddle Sports

Following on from our recent article on shoulder dislocation when kayaking the next article in the paddle sports series focus on the rotator cuff and shoulder overuse injuries.  Perhaps less feared than shoulder dislocation in canoeists and kayakers, overuse injuries and rotator cuff tendonopathy can still ...

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Wish Your Spine a Very Merry Christmas

All too often the combination of unusual activity, heavy shopping, cleaning, lifting and twisting, perhaps sprinkled with a dose of muscle relaxing alcohol, leaves a lasting memory after Christmas not of pleasant times with the family but of excruciating back pain. Here are Physiobench's tips to make sure you Posted in Advice | Tagged , | Leave a comment

Shoulder Injury in Canoeing. The Feared Shoulder Dislocation

Normally caused by poor technique shoulder dislocation is the most feared of shoulder canoeing injuries. The fact that the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body means that it has less inherent stability. Positions where the arm is above shoulder level, taken backwards and then force applied are ...

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Recovery after Hip Replacement

Hip replacement is a routine and very successful operation. 80,000 hip replacements are carried out each year in England and Wales and the vast majority of people will be very happy with their new hip.  Recovery after hip replacement can be enhanced by appropriate hip replacement exercises. In the first few ...

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Whiplash Neck Injury

Whiplash associated disorder, unsually just known as whiplash neck injury, is a soft tissue injury to neck. The early aims of whiplash treatment are to achieve pain relief and improve movement. For maximum effectiveness exercises should be started within 2 weeks of the whiplash next injury. This weeks Physiobench article gives more information on Posted in Tips | Tagged , | Leave a comment

Foot Pain in the Side of the Foot, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

One in five adults suffers with foot pain.  Foot pain over the inside of the ankle and the inside of the foot can be caused by compression of the tibial nerve as it passes through a tunnel on its way into the foot.  Pain, pins and needles or numbness occurs in the area of the ...

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Common Climbing Finger Injuries

Injury to the A2 pulley, underneath which the finger flexor tendons pass, is an injury seen almost exclusively in rock climbers. Two articles have been published in the medical press,  from which many climbers have drawn the conclusion that taping fingers has no role to play in the prevention of, or recovery from A2 pulley injury.  ...

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Tick Bite Prevention Week

The first sunny weekend of the year sees us reaching for the shorts, t shirts and sun cream, but those of us doing any outdoor activity must also remember to check afterwards to make sure that we haven't picked us any ticks. These little mites latch onto exposed flesh to feed on the host's blood, ...

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A Common Cause of Pain in the Sole of the Foot – Morton’s Neuroma

Pain on  sole of foot between the 3rd and 4th toes and  a sensation of feeling like you are walking on a pebble, are both symptoms of a common cause of foot pain termed Morton's Neuroma. Caused by a thickening of a nerve as it passes between the toe bones the good news is ...

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