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Ten Tips to Avoid Back Pain

At least one in four of us will suffer from back pain at some point in our lives. Here are some tips to minimise your back pain.

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Addicted to running injuries

Running is often described as an addiction. It must be to suffer so many self-inflicted injuries, aches and pains

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Up the creek without a shoulder

Repetitive paddling is the cause of most canoeing or kayaking injuries to your shoulder, hand and wrist or lower back.

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Cyclists Hand: Handlebar palsy

Ulnar neuritis at the wrist is also referred to as handlebar palsy, cyclist palsy, or ulnar neuropathy. Symptoms include pins and needles and pain in the hand.

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Saving time, cost and bother

The future for injury treatment increasingly involves self management over the web. Save time, cost and bother by getting physio advice and treatment online.

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Sprained ankles in basketball

It’ll be no surprise to learn that a sprained ankle occurs more often than any other in basketball injury. Going over on the ankle affects the lateral ligament.

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The most bizarre injury ever?

Getting off a chairlift is the most common skiing / snowboarding injury.
But I reckon this must rank as the most bizarre injury we’ve ever seen.

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Basic bike set up: 5 tips to set up your bike so as to avoid injury

Correct bike set up to avoid injury depends on the bike and its use. Here we concentrate on the optimal position to prevent injury when recreational cycling.

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