Saving time, cost and bother

The future for injury treatment increasingly involves self management over the web. I passionately believe this.

A couple of years ago, I learnt French by web conference with someone based in Israel I never met or saw. It wasn’t the perfect solution as I couldn’t see her facial movements. But it was convenient. I put aside an hour a week then immediately returned to my work. The alternative was a weekly classroom-based lesson at an inconvenient time, 10 miles away and costing more.

So why can’t the same principles be applied to health & in particular physiotherapy?

This is the first of many blogs I’ll be writing on the subject. Let me also say at this point, I’m no physio.

Never enough time

Are you too busy? Do you never have enough time to do everything you want? If you answered no, you’re pretty unique in this world. My task list is never ending.

waiting on an appointment
To see my local physio, I’d travel miles to a clinic or hospital, wait in the waiting room for my appointment reading medical magazines which make me even more tense (well they do that for me at least). Then the physio asks a whole load of questions with a small amount of hands on treatment thrown in at the end.

Now I’m not great with anything medical so my mind isn’t always taking in the information I’m told. So more often than not, I forget the exercises I’m told.

I then repeat the whole process the following week for a followup where I have to admit to not having done my exercises through a combination of laziness & my mind freezing up.

If you look at the process as a whole, it’s not a particularly good use of your time. In a time when most other services are tailored to your busy lifestyle, that seems unacceptable.

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  1. Posted December 30, 2009 at 9:19 pm | Permalink

    I admit that there could be better integration of patient interaction via the web. The list of ideas is extensive. Perhaps schedule tracking, motivational support, report tracking, etc., but physiotherapy is a very personalized process that often requires a close watch of a patient (in action) by a qualified eye. It also requires specialized equipment Not to mention the difficult insurance and liability challenges associated with the idea. For those reasons mainly, I don’t think you can equate the idea of teaching a language to physiotherapy care.

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