What’s the Spanish for “rotator cuff injury”?

There are many good expat websites for Brits living in Spain.
The websites are a great resource for the expat community. They give some good links to health sites.
Travel Health Advice
Expat Forum – living in Spain

When you first make the move out there, it must be tough if you’re not fluent in Spanish & none of the locals speak English. It can be fun trying to communicate over buying bread & cheese. But it is a lot more frustrating sorting out the more important matters like taxes, education and health.

The expat websites list out a number of doctors’ sites who can be contacted remotely for help. They may never be contacted, but it’s of great comfort to know they are there to fall back on.

Over time other “remote” health services will emerge as telemedicine & internet based services become more mainstream.

Local language should not be a barrier when the internet has the facility to provide all the services a person may need.

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    The shoulder has the greatest range of any motion in the entire body so it’s little wonder that an injury here can be debilitating. So what causes shoulder pain? Shoulder pain, especially in athletes is often the result of injuries to an area known as the rotator cuff.


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