One-day cricket series: our Achilles’ heel?

Who else thinks we’re in line for some Australian revenge in the forthcoming one day series?
They’ll doubtless be smarting from losing the Ashes, again, this time against a team short of their best batsman & a half fit all rounder.
Ponting has had the dreaded “vote of confidence” from Cricket Australia which probably means he’ll bite the dust along with half the team if they return home with nothing.
So England have to hope that Kevin Pietersen will be back for the one-day series. He suffered an achilles tendon injury before the first test. It’s an injury that’s difficult to get rid of & it’s hard to gauge how much rest is required, though generally it’s measured in months rather than in weeks.
It’s an injury occurring across a wide range of sports: running, dance, basketball, in fact just about any sport involving overuse of the foot & ankle. As the new football season starts, 4 premiership players are carrying Achilles’ injuries.
And of course it’s common in cricketers.

Scot McAllister

Scot McAllister

. For anyone interested in learning more, I’ve written an article on Achilles tendon pain syndrome, getting input from Scot McAllister who is also the Yorkshire Cricket Club physio.

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