Lack of Sleep Linked to Early Death

Research looking at the link between lack of sleep and early death has been published in the May 2010 Sleep Journal

The authors conclude that there is a 12% increase in dying over a 25 year period if regularly getting less than 6 hours sleep a night, compared to those individuals who get 6 -8 hours sleep per night.

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    Interesting article. I have always wondered how much impact sleep has on your overall health. I can tell you while developing Mavenlive (which is a Physiotherapy Software to help aid therapists prescribe best practice treatments) over the past few years our team averaged probably 4-6 hours of sleep throughout the week.

    After getting back onto a regular sleep schedule my overall energy level and health seem to be much improved. Those extra two hours a night sure make a difference especially just after lunch when we would often feel a severe crash.

    We relied on energy drinks to get us through the sleep deprivation. Since energy drinks are still very new, I’d love to see a study on how they affect your health over an extended period of time. In that study I’d like to see how reduced sleep AND overuse of energy drinks compounds the effects.

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