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Whiplash Neck Injury

Whiplash associated disorder, unsually just known as whiplash neck injury, is a soft tissue injury to neck. The early aims of whiplash treatment are to achieve pain relief and improve movement. For maximum effectiveness exercises should be started within 2 weeks of the whiplash next injury. This weeks Physiobench article gives more information on

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Foot Pain in the Side of the Foot, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

One in five adults suffers with foot pain.  Foot pain over the inside of the ankle and the inside of the foot can be caused by compression of the tibial nerve as it passes through a tunnel on its way into the foot.  Pain, pins and needles or numbness occurs in the area of the […]

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A Common Cause of Pain in the Sole of the Foot – Morton’s Neuroma

Pain on  sole of foot between the 3rd and 4th toes and  a sensation of feeling like you are walking on a pebble, are both symptoms of a common cause of foot pain termed Morton’s Neuroma. Caused by a thickening of a nerve as it passes between the toe bones the good news is …

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The Evidence for Night Splints to Treat Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis causes pain under the heel. It is the most frequent foot injury in regular middle to long distance runners affecting up to 8% of participants. Night splints have been shown to be a realtively inexpensive but effective way of reducing plantar faschia pain. Results are further imrpoved …

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Uses and Benefits of an Exercise Disc Balance Cushion

An exercise disc balance cushion, which is also sometimes known as a stability disc or wobble cushion, is used to improve balance, strengthen core stability.

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Physios Take Pride of Place

Just been watching the downhill skiing and heard that the physios have pride of place at the start box keeping the skiers warmed up before setting off. Perhaps they’re better off being half way down to treat those who crash out?

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A Good Nights Sleep – Mattress Pillows and Sleeping Position

Sleeping in a poor position or on an unsupportive mattress places a lot of stress on the back neck and shoulders and can lead to pain.

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Addicted to running injuries

Running is often described as an addiction. It must be to suffer so many self-inflicted injuries, aches and pains

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Up the creek without a shoulder

Repetitive paddling is the cause of most canoeing or kayaking injuries to your shoulder, hand and wrist or lower back.

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Sprained ankles in basketball

It’ll be no surprise to learn that a sprained ankle occurs more often than any other in basketball injury. Going over on the ankle affects the lateral ligament.

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