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The Rotator Cuff, Shoulder Injuries in Paddle Sports

Following on from our recent article on shoulder dislocation when kayaking the next article in the paddle sports series focus on the rotator cuff and shoulder overuse injuries.  Perhaps less feared than shoulder dislocation in canoeists and kayakers, overuse injuries and rotator cuff tendonopathy can still …

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Shoulder Injury in Canoeing. The Feared Shoulder Dislocation

Normally caused by poor technique shoulder dislocation is the most feared of shoulder canoeing injuries. The fact that the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body means that it has less inherent stability. Positions where the arm is above shoulder level, taken backwards and then force applied are …

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Wrist pain in paddlers and rowers

A common repetitive injury in paddlers and rowers is wrist pain. One of the most frequent causes of this is De Quervains syndrome

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Up the creek without a shoulder

Repetitive paddling is the cause of most canoeing or kayaking injuries to your shoulder, hand and wrist or lower back.

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